JET was a long time ago, 25 years old, and feeling so confident and cocky.  I did a lot
more big shows with 'The Medflys'; and my closest and best friends are in the
Bagtones/BWOP (including the HUGE
...but...JET WAS MY DREAM COME album!!!!
This album was produced by Michael Nesmith in 1979.
Chuck Watson, Ralph Hassman (RIP 6/23/06), David Lewis,
Alex Stewart, Dale Kurokawa
The Medlys was the most popular band I was in.  We opened for 'the Tubes' for a year
on the west coast.  When we went out with them it was 4 nights a week in front of
5,000 seats houses.  We also opened for the Pointer Sisters, Joan Jett, and I can't
remember who-all.  We had one hit...played across the planet for one week...
when Clint Eastwood was elected Mayor of Carmel-By-The-Sea.
It was called 'Don't Mess With the Mayor'.  Check out the video below.
The Medflys
Heres a couple videos:

In the Medflys one I play
mandolin and am the guy in
the big white duster coat.

In the Bombay (a band I
wasn't really in) video I'm
the sax player.
Carl Christ, Dale Kurokawa, Tracy Rose,
Steve Irwin, Robbie Evans, and me with
the sax.
Hear Mike Beck and the Bohemian Saints (Tom Ayres, Marty Lydon, Paul Montgomery)
Live on KPIG 4_13_08

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